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3D Specialized Material

Looking for the best in screen technology?

Severtson offers a screen surface for nearly every application. Our USA made vinyl materials are nearly twice as thick as many competitors’ vinyl and are carefully engineered to provide true color reproduction. Our unique optical coatings provide high-gain, uniform viewing surfaces for excellent 2D and 3D viewing that can not be experienced anywhere else. Whether it is a home theater screen, presentation screen, or a large cinema screen... no one understands innovation and Quality like us!

SēVision 3D GX (1.4-3.2 gain)

SeVision 3D GX is the World's Premier Passive 3D coating. It is recognized and preferred by 3D licensing companies world-wide, and one of the few home theater screen surfaces that is RealD approved. With a signal-to-noise ratio up to 250:1 at a 2.4 gain, ghosting rarely occurs. Because of the amazing uniformity of gain and texture, the SeVision 3D GX may also be used for 2D projection. The SeVision 3D GX coating is water-based, which prolongs the life of the screen material and gain. A proprietary and unique seam welding process ensures our screens have no visible seams under projection conditions. Advanced 100% water based coating technology and application processes ensure a smooth finish and consistent brightness across the entire screen surface with no degradation of gain or extinction ratio over time.


On-Axis Gain 1.4 gain
Half Gain Off-Center Viewing Angle 37 degrees
Half Gain Cone Viewing Angle 74 degrees
Material Thickness 12.5 mil
Seamless Maximum Height 106" (Home Theater); 60" (Cinema)
Optional Sound Perforations MicroPerf, Standard Perf
Ambient Light Resistance Low
4K Viewing Compatible Yes
Active 3D Viewing Compatible Yes
Passive 3D Viewing Compatible Yes
Lay-Flat Quality Excellent
Mildew Resistance Yes

Rear Projection (0.8 gain)

A neutral grey colored vinyl diffusion projection surface designed to enhance picture contrast with no color shift. A good choice for rooms with minimal ambient lighting where a wide viewing angle is needed. Fully compatible with high resolution media, including 4K and HD, without loss of quality.


On-Axis Gain 0.8 gain
Half Gain Off-Center Viewing Angle 80 degrees
Half Gain Cone Viewing Angle 160 degrees
Seamless Maximum Height 118"
4K Viewing Compatible Yes
Lay-Flat Quality Excellent
Flame Resistance Rating High
Mildew Resistance Yes

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