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Growing up as a kid, the Saturday mornings were unforgettable. I used to look forward to watching cartoons on this exhilarating screen, something that brought me the most joy.

I still remember how my dad created this amazing environment with this huge screen hanging from our living room wall. With a couple of bean bags sacks filling up the empty spaces around our sofas, he created a cozy and theater-like experience was something magical to me.

It soon became the place for our family and friends to come together, bond and enjoy movies. Seeing the positivity and togetherness it created was something special and beautiful to me. The memories have stayed with me since then.

It is what inspired the vision out of which E Projector Screens was birthed. We want to recreate those memories for people all over the world.


One of the goals here at is to impact as many people and families by sharing that vision through E Projection Screens. This is a product that is capable bringing value, creating unity and expanding our minds.

Whether you’re bringing together the family at home or your friends are over to enjoy a great movie, a projection screen has the power to either create or strength the bond of your relationships.

At work, a projection screen can create a better working environment. The same applies for churches, at parks, conference rooms, concerts, sporting events etc. At the end of the day, a Projection Screen goes beyond just showing or projecting.

A Projection Screen has the power to create unity, to bring others together and share a unique moment spreading all types of emotions, especially positivity and knowledge. Knowing that we can impact the world in that type of way brings us bliss and excitement and fuels us with the energy to keep serving others and fulfill all their needs via this vision.


The more people we can impact in that type of way the better. Keeping our customers happy and delivering quality products at the same time is what we focus on the most.

At E Projector Sector, we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality customer support and projector screens. The mission as a team is simple: to add value to others, keep growing as a company while sticking to our core values and representing the company in the best possible way.

We believe in "Quality over Quantity” that is, Quality of Life equals Happy Customers is a Los Angeles based Online Projector Screen Store. Located in the home of stars and Hollywood movies, we were born for this!





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